I do like to get email, but the problem is that I always end up getting too much email. This is not good when I do have other things to do in my life. So, please do send me an email, but do mind:
  • Be short and concise.
  • Anonymous mail might not be read.
  • MIME-Encoded HTML mail will not be read. If you need to use HTML, you should stick to the web.
  • My mail system is protected by SpamAssassin.
  • Spammers might be prosecuted and will most certainly not get a sale. Spamming is illegal in Norway.
  • Please either write in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish. My German and Spanish skills are quite limited.
  • If you came in from the avenger's front page, then keep in mind that this is a project that I have mostly ended. I do not want more submissions and I do not offer revenge tips, try alt.revenge.
  • If you came from the nazism exposed page, remember that I may publish letters that I find offensive. Supportive letters will be read, but not always answered.
Oh, yeah, my email address is:

my email address