Coloris is a lot like that russian game, but instead of fitting objects you have to get the colours to fit in rows, colums or diagonals. in fact you'll need 3 or more of the same colour in order for things to fall apart. the more points and you get, the faster the columns will drop and as thing progress more colours will be added.

in jataxx you fight to win control of a 7 by 7 playfield. You can move your pieces up to 2 squares at a time, always leaving a clone at the start location. Enemy pieces surrounding the location you move to, will be converted into yours. The winner is the side who has the most pieces when no more moves are possible.

Marbles is a game inspired by klines for KDE. The object of the game is to get 5 (or more) balls in a row/colum/diagonal. Use your left mouse button to grab and drag a ball around the screen, and your right mouse button to cancel move. Each time you move a ball, there will be 3 new balls spread randomly around on the board.

Gems is my personal version of samegame from Macintosh. You remove coloured discs from the board by clicking on them. Each disc with the same colour, that is next to it (up, down, left or right) will also be removed, with a cascading effect. You cannot remove a discs that has no neighbour with the same colour. You get more points for the most rare discs and you get more points for removing more discs at the same time.

Yatzee Yatzee is a popular board game. The objective of Yatzee is to collect dies matching the objective written on the left side of the board. Full house requires a 2+3 combination (e.g. 5+5+6+6+6) small straight is the die 1 to 5 and large straight is the die 2 to 6. Yatzee is 5 equal dies. You can play this game with a friend or by yourself, and you can choose to play with or without connection to the high-score server.

whale hunter
Whale Hunter is a minesweeper look-a-like, but this a game where you have to use a rather different strategy. The aim of the game is to find the whales and avoid the greenpeace/sea shepherd terrorists.

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