the eleven commandments of revenge

From the book "Revenge tactics from the master" by George Hayduke

  1. Thou shalt neither trust nor confide in anyone!
    If you do, that person could eventually betray you. Even if it is a relative or spouse, don't tell anybody what you are up to. Implicated accomplices are OK.

  2. Thou shalt never use thy own telephone or revenge business!
    Always use a public telephone or that of an unwitting mark so calls cannot be traced back to you or to someone who knows you.

  3. Thou shalt not touch revenge documents with thy bare hands!
    Bare hands leave fingerprints. Wear gloves.

  4. Thou shalt become a garbage collector!
    Once your victim places his trash outside his house or office for pickup, it is legal for you to pick it up yourself. You can learn a lot about your mark by sitting through his papers and such. The pros do it all the time.

  5. Thou shalt bide thy time before activating a revenge plot!
    Give the victim time to forget about you and what he's done to wrong you. Getting even too soon makes it easier for him to discover who's doing it.

  6. Thou shalt secure a "mail drop" address in another city!
    You don't want revenge mail being traced back to your recidence/home, do you?

  7. Thou shalt learn everything there is to know about thy victim!
    The best revenge schemes or plans are hatched by people who know their victims better than their victims know themselves.

  8. Thou shalt pay cash all the time in a revenge plot!
    Checks, money orders, and other paper transfers can be traced back to you. Cash cannot.

  9. Thou shalt trade with merchants who have never heard of you!
    Do business with people only once when involved in a revenge plot. You can wear a disguise so the people you are involved with will have trouble identifying you in a legal confrontation.

  10. Thou shalt never threaten thy victim!
    Why warn your intended victim that you are going to get even? When bad things begin to happen to your victim - wether or not you caused them - your victim will remember your threat, and he or she will set out to even the score with you.

  11. Thou shalt not leave evidence laying around, however circumstantional!
    If you are thought to be actively engaged in having fun at your mark's expense, the authorities may visit you. Thus, it would be prudent not to have any of my books at home or in the office. Note well what Francois de La Rochefoucauld wrote in Maximes, "The height of cleverness is to be able to conceal it."

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