the revenge database v2.1

by: DisordeR

Things to do to people for revenge. These include local and LD forms. From 'pain in the ass' to 'downright fuckin cruel'. This is just for speculation and not suggesting any actions, so I am not responsible for anything you do.

With many of these ideas, you may not be able to do everything you wish, but remember that even the smallest effort on your part can cause a lot of problems on their side.

Finding their info.
  1. If you have their handle. Check around local area BBSs for their real name in user info. Check with other BBSers or friends who may know the person. Get real name and any other info possible. Even the most abstract of things, regardless of what it is, write it down. It may come in use later down the road.

  2. With any info you currently have (mainly focus on getting their name and phone number) get their phone number. If you only have their name try and get their number through the phone books, or information. Once you have their number use a CN/A to get more info. Also check with 900 pay/info lines for more info.
Once you have their info...

The Phone.

  1. Call up their local phone provider and act like the person.

    • Install a password on their phone line. This makes it so they can't change their own service without providing that password. The only way around it, is for them to visit a local office, show ID, fill out bullshit paperwork etc. Remember, since most people don't call the phone company that often, it may take them a month until they realize what you have done.

    • Add any/all of the following services.
             1) Privacy/Non-Publish    $2.10/month
             2) Caller ID              $5.95/month
             3) Call Waiting           $4.50/month
             4) Call Forwarding        $1.50/month
             5) Three Way              $3.50/month
             6) Speed Calling (30)     $3.00/month
             7) Callback               $2.95/month  $8.50/install
             8) LD Block               $2.00/month
             9) Change Number(Custom)  $17.50 (after first time)
             10) Change to Custom #    $75.00
             Total                     $126.50
    • Change their LD service to the most expensive service if you want a quick but subtle revenge. I find it better to change their carrier to MCI. From here ask for a custom 800 number for 'your' line. After that, they will be reached from an 800 number, and all calls will be billed to them, even local. Post up their number as a BBS number on any of the lamer Usenet groups. Since they are with MCI, you can set up and bill conference calls to their number through the right procedures.

  2. Visit the person's house and use your beige on them. Also have a custom little device that will allow you to bridge the line while you are on it, so that you can remove your beige and they will stay on the line.

    • Call any 900 numbers you want, including the various 900 services that give information about people. Might as well make them pay for you getting their information. :) I suggest dedicating some time to call 900.97M.ONEY ... each call to that number will bill them 25 bucks. One hour of this will hit about 1500 bucks of damage to their phone bill.
    • Set up a string of confs for ten or so days, and make each day last from noon til midnight. For more info on setting up confs, consult CoTNO issue 3, article 6.

    • Call the secret service and threaten to kill the president. Make it convincing and be somewhat vague about your plans. This will prompt a quick visit by agents in trenchcoats that will want to play 20 questions about how that person plans to kill the president.

    • If you know any, or can get them, call every possible traced line in the area from their house. Hopefully, certain people might wonder why they called so many traced lines in one night. (There is only one way to get that list that I know of, so most people will probably want to skip this item)

    • Prank call people, threaten them, initiate as many COT's (Customer Oriented Trace) as you can. This will flood their house with those wonderful letters from the phone company saying that person was harrasing people, and are the scum of the earth.

    • On your way out of their backyard, cut their phone lines. If you can't use them, why should they? If you don't want to do that, hook up the little device to hold the line when you unclip your beige, and call Time/Temp in Japan. That should rack up a decent bill. The number to call for time/temp in Japan is 1+83+

    • Set up call forwarding on their line. Either order the service from the phone company (as them), or if they already have it make use of it.

        -Forward to 911 -Forward to 800 Donation Lines
        -Forward to a LD number - especially a busy one.
        -Forward to a local BBS with several nodes
        -Forward to a 900 or 976 service
        -Forward to AT&T Security
        -Forward to a number that is out of service
        -Forward to interesting numbers.. Gay Sex lines, Whore houses, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.

    • Wire one of the neighbor's lines into the target's phone box. Beige as many calls as you can, driving the phone bill as high as possible. Make sure to try to conceal the phone line so it looks like the target was trying to steal service from a neighbor.

  3. Answering Machines

    1. Most answering machines have the ability to control its functions after calling in. If you can guess his code (usually two digit) you can change his outgoing message to several fun things.

      1. "This business accepts all third party billings after hours"
      2. "Y0y0y0, this weeks c0d3z are 9238223, 9328923, and 932132!"
      3. "Johns house of pleasure"

    2. If they have a good answering machine, then you can do more than just change the outgoing message. If possible, turn his machine off everytime you can. Make it so he will never get his messages.


If you have their full info, which shouldn't be a problem if you have their name/phone number/address etc, employ a few more harassing ideas.

  1. Report their cars as stolen. Tell the police the info, that you parked it at some office and when you came out your car was gone. Next time the person is driving down a road, if a cop ID's the car, they will pull the person over and harass them.

  2. If the person is making a road trip, call local law enforcement and give an anonymous tip that the person is trafficking drugs, and has them well hidden in the car. Be somewhat vague but make it believable.

  3. Steal their mail whenever you can. Sign them up for any magazine/club offer that comes to them. If they are a member of any existing clubs, then sign them up for additional years, order more merchandise, etc. This works well with Columbia House and the like because the order forms have their info, and just blanks to fill in part numbers/catalog numbers.

  4. Their car. Using a wrench and five minutes or so, do one/all of the following:

    • Remove bottom bolt from engine mounts. When they start their car, the engine will launch almost straight up into the hood of their car if they have enough torque on their engine. V8's and 350's will rip the hood right off the car. :)
    • Remove oil plug, drain oil into container. Make sure you don't leave any sign of what you did. When they start their car and take off, it won't take long before parts start heating, and the engine will overheat, and the pistons will crack.
    • Siphon all their gas, and fill their tank with urine/salt/sand. This will clog their entire system, and take some time to flush the system, and get their car operating again.
    • Drain brake fluid, replace with water. It will take a few miles before the person realizes his brakes won't work.
    • Remove screw on clutch fluid tap. When they try to clutch, it will 'spooj' clutch fluid out the bottom of their car and they will lose pressure.
    • Remove drive shaft bolts near transmission. A little ways down the road, they may notive their drive shaft fall to the ground, or hopefully rocket through the back of your car.
    • Remove pins in tire stems after letting air out. Not only do they have a few flats, they can't fill up the tires.
    • If they leave their window cracked, or you see a prime way to make a small hole in their windows, fill it with urine, a fire extinguisher, or just water. Plenty of fun when they come out the next morning.
    • Put popcorn kernels into the tailpipe along with some cooking oil. When he drives off (especially in the summer), he will leave a trail of popcorn. The oil will keep the kernels in as well as help them cook.
    • Remove the rubber blade from the windshield wipers.
    • Litter his bumpers with KKK bumper stickers.
    • Cover their windows with Vaseline. Make sure it sits there for the entire night. The next day, it will be near impossible to remove.

  5. Card all sorts of shit to their house. Some of the better things to card to them: 50lbs of raw meat, urinals, male strippers, gay porn catalogs, singing telegrams, flowers(pansies), fireworks, cases of toilet paper, bibles, a coffin, sexual toys, bags of cow manure, etc

  6. Get their neighbor's info, and pose as them. Make any/all of the following calls:
    • Call the police and tell them you saw the person dragging a dead body through the back yard.
    • Call the police and say the person was running through the house waving a machete and holding a gun.
    • Call the police and mention that 'shady' characters keep buying stuff in their back yard.

  7. Call a local landscaping company, and have them bring a few tons of granite rocks to their house, and re-landscape their front yard while the person is at work. Have them rip up the current grass or whatnot, and dump rocks there.

  8. Go to your local book store or 7-11 and get about 100 magazine subscription cards. Fill each one out with the person's info, and send them off.

  9. Go to the person's house with TV cable. Splice in on one of the persons neighbors, and route their cable to the targets house. Next day, call in as the neighbor and complain about exposed cable in your yard and a fuzzy signal. If not that, just make an anonymous call to the cable company saying you visited the guys house, and noticed he had a cable descrambler.

    If that doesn't do it, call and cancel his cable service. Tell them he is upgrading to the new digital satellite system.

  10. Phone contractors, swimming pool companies, exterminators, etc. can stop by and give him estimates. You can see why it is important to know when he'll be home.

  11. Call local florists and have several arrangements of flowers sent, all with interesting messages on the cards. Send them COD or have it billed to that address (which most will allow you to do).

  12. Look in swingers magazines for homosexual prostitutes. They are usually advertised as "masseurs" or "friends". Make a list of any that offer house calls and send half of them to the target's house. Also send some to each of his neighbors to create suspicion on their part of who they

  13. Put in advertisements in magazines, newspapers, or other periodicals. Some ideas that will be fun for both:

    • Baby sitter, 14 years of experience as a nanny. $5/Hour
    • Memory Chips! Straight from manufacturer, brand new.
        1 Meg, 30 Pin - $25
        4 Meg, 72 Pin - $100
        8 Meg, 72 Pin - $250
        16 Meg, 72 Pin - $400
    • 1994 Lexus, 12000 Miles, Perfect Condition, Moving Out of country, $10,000
    • Recycle Here and Make $$$ (With target's address)
        Aluminum cans - 5 Cents Each
        Bottles - 10 Cents Each
        Old Tires - One Dollar Each

  14. Call a local rental store and ask for a full set of furniture, washer, dryer, refridgerator, and other major appliances to be delivered. Explain that you are just moving in, and will be purchasing your own in France or something and have it imported.

  15. If the target leaves town for a few days, send a fax or telegram to his boss saying he has a better offer in another city, and that he officially resigns.

  16. Periodically call taxi and limo services to his house. Not only will he have to deal with pissed off drivers who aren't going to make any money for the drive, he will eventually get flagged in their databases as someone who has ditched cabs in the past.

  17. Call his local locksmith(s). "Yes, I locked myself out of my house, and I am waiting at my neighbors, could you get here as soon as possible?" Each locksmith will charge just for showing up (usually a hefty fee in itself). Do this while he is out of town, and show up yourself. Just have the locksmith drill his lock, and ask him to come back in an hour to install a new one he is getting.

  18. Have local garbage pick up services swing by to pick up his huge piles of tree limbs that he pruned over the weekend. While one company is looking for the limbs, have another repave his driveway.

  19. Sign the victim up for all the armed forces. The amount of phone calls and literature sent to him is harassment enough.

  20. Columbia House (music AND videos) is always a good one to sign him up for. With the monthly stuff sent, the 8 or so initial free CDs, and other junk mail, that will help him out.

  21. If he lives with his parents, you can always call them up with a number of things.

    • This is John Johnson, I am a local sysop of a BBS. Your son has been sending child pornography to other under age subscribers and has broken FCC law by sending them over state lines.
    • This is Fred Barnes, and your son threw a rock at my sons cat. The rock hit the cat in the head, and we had to put him to sleep yesterday.
    • Uh, heh, yeah, this is Phil.. does (victim) still want the crack?
    • (Have a girlfriend call up). This is Jenny, and I wanted to be the one to give you the good news.. your a grandmom!

  22. Pizza Delivery. Watch out though. Places like Pizza Hut and Dominoes have a central number that will ANI you, and forward you to the local office. So, you need to call from somewhere near their house, or tell the person you are on your cell phone, and that you will be home in just a few minutes.

  23. A victim's front yard can provide plenty of amusement.
    • Use anti-freeze on their grass. Draw all sorts of wonderful designs and insult them. Or, if you want to do worse, just spill little spots of anti-freeze all over, so he will wonder why his grass is dying off in spots.
    • Cover his lawn in shredded newspaper, then douse it with water. Picking it up will take him days.
    • Go all around his neighborhood and steal all the 'for sale' signs (realty, yard sale), and cover his front lawn with them.
    • Purchase several boxes of white forks and stick them in the victim's lawn. If you can, wait until it is a night where the ground will freeze over. When they try to remove them, they will find each breaks off.

  24. The local post office provides a form for holding mail while you are on vacation. Fill one out since he will be out of town for a month. After that, forward it (with another form) to somewhere in Zimbabwe. If that isn't enough, steal their mail.. incoming and outgoing.

  25. Think back to all of the fun you had as a kid and the mischief you caused in yards.

    • Toilet paper. If you launch it high enough, it will be there for weeks.
    • If the person has screens over the windows, use a bar of soap to draw designs in them. The small spacing in the screen mesh makes it near impossible to get the soap fragments out without ruining the screen.


  1. Pull a CBI on them, or obtain their credit info any way you can. If you can't, there are still a few ways to strike out at them. Cancel all their credit cards. Report them as stolen, and ask for a new one to be sent to you, and your old account number put on hold. Next time they are in a store and use it, the cashier will call the cops when the response comes back as 'stolen'.

  2. Using their info, apply for a credit card they don't have. Usually Diner's Club or Discover or something that isn't as widely used. Fill out all the information as theirs, and send it in. Intercept the mail with the card in it, and send response back that you moved, and give them a new address that is more convenient for you. Now you have a credit card that is in their name, and they don't know about. Abuse it.

  3. Using their existing credit cards, make as many purchases on them as you can. Key here is to make as many that can't be disputed. Make phone calls from local payphones with their CC#. Doing this it becomes very hard for them to prove they didn't do it. Use it at gas stations that have the new pumps with built in credit card payment options. The more they can't dispute, the more they pay.

  4. If all else fails, spread their credit card/calling card numbers as far as you can. Let other people abuse them as much as possible. When they change accounts, do another CBI and respread their info.

The last thing you can do just to warn someone off is to mail them a copy of this database along with their personal information at the bottom. Let them know what you are capable of doing.
Thanx goes out to: Deadkat, Rage-303, Cavalier, Synergy, and the countless other revenge files out there.

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