anarchy in school

By Hyppy

      I'm not responsible for what you do with this, but if you get blamed for anything, I don't know you. Any use of this (unauthorized) is totally ACCEPTABLE, but at least mention my name!
      School sucks, for all of us that either didn't drop out or are still under 16. Well, since we don't learn jack from those underpaid lamers, we might as well have fun at their expense! However, you have to be very inconspicuous about it, hence the art of stealth and it usefulness.
    Rule #1:
      NO DIRECT CONTACT!! The administration, contrary to it's appearance, can be suprisingly swift and severe! The moral of the story is: cover up your tracks!!
      • Connect two Industrial 9V batteries, wad a sheet of paper around it, and toss it in the trash. You should be smart enough to use this at the end of class, and also you should know not to leave any fingerprints, due to possible pig (er. . .ah, forget it, I'll just call them pigs) involvement

      • Replace the chalk with a white crayon, or rub permenant marker over the dry erase markers.

      • Slip pot, coke, acid, roofies, etc into someones locker and call in a 2 day advance bomb threat. The normal school procedure for this is to search every locker, closet, and desk on campus. They (hopefully) won't find any bombs, but they'll see you "friend's" little drug stash, then (swiftly and severly) arrest/expell him.

      • Spike the water fountain by injecting vodka through the intake tube in back.

      • Print out some child porn and put it on a substitute's desk Watch the fun on the local news!

      • Slip a .22 in someone's bag before the metal detector.

      • Get some Epoxy solution in a syringe and fill in all the locks of the science department, which will be empty by the next day, assuming you realize what you did.

      • Bring some bold cutters (small ones) and clip every locker in sight, then have your own little looting job during 5th period.

      • Take out all the soda machine button labels, leaving all these people standing around gagging on what they thought would be coke.

      • Leave stacks of clearly identifiable counterfeit money around campus. Laugh as the school idiots go to jail by the hundreds for possesion of counterfeit notes.

      • Believe it or not, administration still falls for tacks on the chair. But, this is the 90's, and we have KrAzY gLuE!!

    That's all for now, folks!

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