Pranks, Revenge, and General
Mayhem, Volume III.
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This lesson: More Krazy Glue Tricks.

Ah, that wondrous compund, cyanoacrylate. Many, many companies make the stuff but we all affectionately refer to it as KRAZY GLUE. In my first pranks file about half the file was devoted to Krazy Glue, and its many blessings, and after giving it some thought, have come up with some more gems for ya. In this file, it shall be demonstrated that it is possible to sabotage nearly ANYTHING with Krazy Glue.

More Krazy Glue Tricks:

- Krazy Glue your enemy's radio on a station he HATES; if you like, do the same thing to his volume control, at full volume. - Krazy Glue all your enemy's (or your school's) light switches off. - Krazy Glue the Teacher's briefcase SHUT. - Krazy Glue the pages of your enemy's textbooks and notes together. White Glue can be substituted here. - Krazy Glue your enemy's disk drive door shut. - Put a drop of Krazy Glue inside each of your enemy's diskettes. - Put a drop of Krazy Glue on the pins of your enemy's print head. - Krazy Glue all your school's microscopes out-of-focus. - If your enemy ever removes his shoes in your presence and turns his back on you for any reason, Krazy Glue the soles to the floor. Or Krazy Glue the laces together. - Rearrange all those plug connectors on the back of your enemy's stereo, into a random order. Krazy Glue them on so they can't be put back. - Krazy Glue the reels of your enemy's cassette tapes, so they won't turn. - Krazy Glue your enemy's medicine cabinet shut. - Alternatively, Krazy Glue all the toothpaste tubes, pill bottles, etc to the shelves of same med. cabinet. - If your enemy is a diabetic and you want to reduce him to fear for his life, Krazy Glue the plungers of all his insulin syringes so he can't inject. This is also good to do to druggies. - Krazy Glue your enemy's ni-cads into the charger. Put a few non- rechargeables in as well. - Krazy Glue all your enemy's flies open. Krazy glue all his other zippers shut. - Krazy Glue the containers in the enemy's fridge shut. or, alternatively, Krazy Glue the whole fridge door shut. - Krazy Glue the enemy's bike into 18th gear. - If your enemy is a shooting fan, then Krazy Glue the trigger of his favorite gun so it won't work when he goes to the range. Major Embarrassment. - Krazy Glue your enemy's kid's TransFormer so that it won't TransForm. - Unplug your enemy's TV cable. Put a drop of Krazy Glue in that tiny hole in the middle of the wall jack. Don't bother plugging it back in, and when the enemy goes to plug it back in, he won't be able to. - Put that asshole's favorite disks into one of his disk boxes. Krazy Glue the box SHUT. - Krazy Glue that little rubber plug on the bottom of the dick's piggy bank ON. - Cut a tiny (1/8") slit into the cunt's Hacky Sack. Through this slit, saturate the whole innards of the sack with Krazy Glue. Use a whole tube of the shit if you like. Your enemy will not even notice until he goes to give the footbag a good solid BOOT, and it will be ROCK hard by that time. - Deflate the tires on your enemy's transportation. Krazy Glue the valves shut and the tires to the wheel's rim. - Krazy Glue the enemy's lights into their sockets. Wait for them to burn out. - Krazy Glue the snooze bar of the enemy's alarm clock so that he can't shut off the alarm when it goes without unplugging the damn thing. - If your enemy is rinning for prez or something, Krazy Glue his campaign posters to the walls. After the election is over he will be required to take the things down, but what if he can't?????? - Since Krazy Glue doesn't set too well under moist conditions, it is a good idea to substitute EPOXY for Krazy Glue when you glue the toilet handle (either your enemy's or all the school's) so it can't flush. - Krazy Glue the caps of beer bottles to the bottles themselves. Do this with a case of your enemy's beer. - Krazy Glue buttons and joysticks of all the video games in that arcade that you got booted out of last week. - Krazy Glue all the beakers and test tubes etcetera to the shelves at your school's chem lab. - Krazy Glue that asshole teacher's glasses folded so he can't put them back on. - Saturate basketball nets with Krazy Glue. You will need a whole fuckload to do this, but it will be worth it when someone shoots the ball and it won't go thru the hoop..... - Krazy Glue hockey pucks into one big long cylinder.... - Krazy Glue mailboxes shut. - Krazy Glue blackboard erasers to the chalk tray. - In winter, open window on bus (just before you get off) and Krazy Glue it there. Driver and passengers will freeze. - Krazy Glue speaker cones so they won't make noise. - Krazy Glue the metal flap on the coin return of a vending machine so it won't open. BONUS: Later, come by with some Krazy Glue SOLVENT and take any coins the machine tried to return. - When sending letters to a stamp collecting enemy, send really neat, interesting stamps on the envelope. But Krazy Glue them on so he can't steam them off. - Krazy Glue that stupid cat's tail to the pavement of Hiway 1... - Or to its owner's front door... - Place many drops of Krazy Glue all over items of Enemy's clothing. The Krazy Glue will form circles about 1 inch in diameter that are ROCK SOLID, basiclyfucking 'em up. - Deflate enemy's soccer or basket ball. Place 1 drop of Krazy Glue in the inflating needle hole. That's all for now. Watch for PRANKS IV coming soon to this BBS/AE.

-- swift vengeance