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Welcome to the Avenger's front page, a page dedicated to the creative minds who once dwelled in alt.revenge. This site was primary designed for everyone who have been victimized or wronged in any way. Here you will find revenge schemes, tactics, ideas, tips and guidance that would scare or pester most offenters into surrender. The ideas are quite funny and creative, and most people would therefore enjoy reading this even when they're not seeking to get even with someone.

You should make a note of that neither I or any of the other authors assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of the ideas described herein. We specifically disclaims any personal liability, loss or risk incurred as a consequence of the use, either directly or indirectly, of any information presented herein. As this service is made freely available it comes with absolutely no warranty, in particular regarding the authenticity or accuracy of any action described herein.

The Avenger's Handbook

TAH V2.0 (Text) - this is the final state of the avenger's handbook, an ongoing project which has lasted for about 6 years. today the text is formated and written as a book, more readable than the original listed version. the text comes in several formats making it easier for you to either print it out or read it on the screen.

News: The Avenger's Handbook is now finally available on Amazon Kindle!

Revenge Tactics

7-eleven - a guide that gives you complete instructions on how to turn the work-life of a local 7-eleven employee into a living nightmare. this might apply good use at other convenient stores also. thanks to redboxchillipepper for writing this and for letting me use his work on my page.

the fixer series - a series of pranks, revenge and other mayhem spread through the BBS underground a long time ago. this has been proven to be a very popular selection.

miscellaneous - the quantity of files on this page forced me to move the smaller files into this separate miscellaneous section. here you'll find short files with more specialized tactics.

the revenge database - this text utilizes the phone for the purpose of vengeance. it also have loads of other ideas on how to get even with someone. the text was written by damien sorder (disorder) who sent it to me.

ruining someone's life - if you want to ruin someone's life, then you'll have to put all your heart and a lot of time into it. this guide was brought to us by redboxchillipepper.

Related Material

the eleven commandments of revenge - george hayduke's eleven commandments for anyone who wish to persue revenge.

ethic code for alt.revenge - this is a little text with a bit of general philosophy on the subject of revenge and justice.

the alt.revenge faq - this is the official alt.revenge faq, with the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the newsgroup.

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