The collection on this page mainly consist of shorter files written by various individuals who have spread them through Underground BBS'. These tactics are more focused and specialized than the general all purpose tactics on the main page.

  • 380 Ways to Annoy Your Roommate
    A 380 ways "how-to-do" annoy your roommate. Not everone is suitable for revenge purposes, but the text is fun reading anyway.

  • Alka-Seltzer
    This little file gives you a few ideas of what Alka-seltzer can be used for. - Uncle Wiggly.

  • Anarchy in School
    Just a few more things to do at school. - Hyppy.

  • Annoying Someone
    Annoying someone isn't necessarily nice, at least not if it is not done in pure vengeance! - Shooting Shark.

  • Canonical List of Pranks
    Pranksters apply a good source of inspiration for people who seek revenge. This list, which was collected by Stacy Behren from rec.humor, consist of a variety of pranks.

  • Green Revenge
    This guide bring you into your mark's yard, there it tells you how to really mess around with his garden and the tools laying around. - The Professional.

  • Harmless Bombs
    In this text you will find items that you can use to throw at your mark. They are mostly unharmful, but still effective. - Jolly Roger.

  • New Job
    This is probably a great guide for a person who've been wrong at a working place, and are about to change it. - Ian Knowles.

  • School Stopper's Guide
    On request, the school stopper's guide is back.

  • Vengeance on the Greens
    This quick guide tells you how to really fuck up a golf course. I guess this kind of material is really something for all the anti-golf fanatics out there? - Tim Masterson.

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